Treat yourself and your family to a lockdown limo ride now that restrictions have eased. Remember how beautiful and extravagant limousines are? They are a party machine and you don’t have to have a destination to go to for you to enjoy a limo party! 

It’s probably been a while since you had one drive past you full of people on the way to Chapel Street on a Saturday night with the bass pumping lights flashing. Have you and you kids missed out on celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries? Why not hire a limo and cruise around enjoying your very own limo party. Sip on champagne whilst the kid’s party along with music and lights inside the luxury of a limo. Or treat your loved one to a romantic anniversary ride with champagne on ice.  

The stretch limo industry has been stopped in its tracks since March when the numbers of people permitted in one place were brought down. With no weddings, formals, debs, airport pickups, nightclub tours or anything else that involved groups of people, the wheels on these big rigs just haven’t been going round and round.

Shane Hicks, the owner of, thinks until large groups can gather, things are going to be a little different for the limo hire industry. 

“It’s been hard without any work to do, after being busy growing since starting out in 2008, but it’s also been a good time to reflect and plan for the future”, Mr Hicks said. “I think we are naturally going to be all back to normal one day in the future, and that going to be great, but until then, we’re seeing a lot more demand for just one family wanting to be picked up at home, cruise around and be dropped off after an hour or two. Mum and dad can have a glass of champagne and the kids can choose what song they want next. It’s really nice to see so much happiness and excitement after such a long lockdown where families are just trying to get through every day. It really gives us a bit of hope and a glimpse into the future, where we can get back to putting smiles on faces”


Xavier and Violet could not have birthday parties this year, so with the laws on reasons to leave the house being loosened, what a more fitting idea than partying it out in a Hummer as a belated celebration.

“We cruised around past a few of Violets friend’s houses and they all loved seeing the Hummer drive past their houses with the music pumping” Mum, Therese said. “It’s been hard for so many kids and this really gave us some much-needed relief from what’s going on out there. These kids haven’t been able to stop smiling since they got out. We had a one-hour playlist all ready to go on Spotify. There was some champagne and drinks for the kids, lollies, disco lights, laser shows, smoke machine, fireplaces, red carpet. It was actually amazing.”


Victoria will rise through this second wave and the pandemic will be brought under control. Until then, support the business that hasn’t been able to operate at all. What the economy needs is confidence. Get the family off the couch and treat the family to something fun and exciting. 

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