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So, your formal has finally arrived and you are looking for an awesome limo. I figured that much. A formal is one of the first massive milestones in your life and you don’t want it to be forgotten easily. You wanna get your favourite songs all organised on a playlist and plug it straight in and cruise around town in one of the best cars in the county with all your friends. Well, we can definitely help you then. If you love bling then chances are that you have heard about Asanti, the most famous wheel and accessory company in the world. Their stuff definitely does not come cheap.

Picture if Versace or Gucci made wheels and accessories for cars. That’s what Asanti is. We are proud to announce that 1800 Limo City has been offered a partnership with Asanti and we couldn’t be happier. The speaker systems in our cars have been specially designed to pump out over 500 Watts of power, including giant subwoofers, and even kickers behind every seat. That is if you like your music loud.

If not then you can just kick back and admire the serenity and chill with your friends. We do hire responsible drivers but at the same time, who like grumpy old man.

We make sure that they have some kind of personality and they’re not going to yell at you to turn the music down or keep the noise down. If you’d like to check out our cars for yourselves then feel free to pop down to our showroom in Cheltenham and have a look at our awesome cars. If you’d like an easy quote, just pick up the phone and call or fill out our contact page and someone will shoot you an email answering all your questions as soon as you can say ‘Best limo’s ever’.. Click below to read more about each awesome car we have to offer


Limos Hire Melbourne
1800 Limo City really went out of their way to make our day incredible. From the moment the driver arrived, we were greeted warmly and very professionally. And from there it only got better! The limo’s sound system was awesome. We even got to have some fun with karaoke. We will most definitely be going back to 1800 Limo City for our next event!
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