Some of the best vineyards and wineries are right here in our backyard. From the Yarra Valley to the Mornington Peninsula you get to experience amazing wines, delicious food and scenery so beautiful you won’t believe your eyes. Why not grab a group of friends, rent an elegant and luxurious limo and embark on a wine tasting adventure? Before you go…here are a few things to remember about wine.

Smell it first!

Your amazing limo rental has just rolled into a winery specialising in a wide range of pinots. You’re poured the smallest amount—this can’t be it, you think to yourself. Remember, the wine attendants are waiting for you to first take big whiff in. Stick your nose deep into the glass and breathe in; it may sound funny, but this is how you first pick up on the hints of fruit or the presence of cork. This then enhances your experience of the taste of the wine.

Swish it around

As you prepare to breath in this sampling of wine, swish it around the base of the glass first. This helps unleash the aromas and better circulate them through the air which you will then be breathing in.

Look at it

Hold the glass at different angles. Notice how clear or murky it is. Look at its viscosity; this can give you some clues as to the wine’s age. A wine that appears more watery around the edges could be a newer bottle. Study the colour, the depth, even the way the light bounces off of it.

Grab a bottle to go

There is nothing better than an amazing bottle of wine to accompany an equally amazing limo ride. Sit back in luxurious leather seats, listen to an incredible sound system, cue the fire and pour yourselves a glass of premium Australian made wine. Now you’re touring the wine country as it was always meant to be explored.