The extreme limo, hummers take luxury riding to a whole new level. Appointed with everything from disco floors to fireplaces, they often are the party destination. We have seen some wild bashes in our day, and our stretch hummers have hosted some truly mind-blowing parties. What could you do with a hummer limo rental in Melbourne…Glad you asked!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

The quintessential party, these celebrations mark the end of one portion of your life and the beginning of another. Send your single days off in style. Whether you’re looking to do some serious bar hopping, dining out or you’re headed to a party, the hummer is the only way to go! Not to mention, with all of the amenities the hummer limo has to offer, you may decide just to party the night away right in your limo—don’t worry, we’ll never tell.


Especially for those ceremonies where the bridal party nearly outnumbers the guests, transporting your bridesmaids and groomsmen in hummer style can be a wonderfully fun part of the day. After all, your friends showed up for you—why not treat them to a hummer limo and help make their experience of your day phenomenal.

Birthday Bashes

Turning thirty, forty, fifty can be difficult for some. We all grapple with kissing our youth goodbye. Send it off in style. Rent a hummer limo for your big birthday bash and live it up my friend! This is a great occasion to cruise the Melbourne area in luxury as you enjoy the limo’s tvs, sound system and fibre optic lighting. Make this a birthday you actually want to remember.

Hummer limos are something truly spectacular. Imagine the limo experience but bigger, bolder and more action-packed if you will. No one does Hummer limos like 1800 Limo City. For any occasion, in any area of Melbourne, we’ve got your hummer needs covered!